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Indicator Value Unit
Max base (distance between axes of front and rear wheels) 1400 mm
Min road clearance 130 mm
Overall length with sidecar 2420 mm
Overall height with sidecar 980 mm
Overall width with sidecar 1600 mm
Saddle height 720 mm
Dry mass:

with sidecar 340–350 kg
without sidecar 220–225 kg
Max load (with driver and two passengers) 300 kg
Max speed 85 km/h
Max fuel consumption per 100 km, at a travelling speed of 50–60 km/h 7 l
Max oil consumption per 100 km of route 0,25 l
Engine type four-stroke, side valves, two-cylinder
Cylinder arrangement horisontal
Cylinder rated bore 78 mm
Piston rated stroke 78 mm
Cylinder displacement 746 cm3
Compression ratio 5,3–5,7
Min power by speed of rotation 4450–4800 r/min 22 hp
Cooling air
Lubricating system combined - forced lubrication and splash lubrication
Oil tank capacity 2 l
Fuel system
Fuel tank capacity 22 l
Quantity of carburettors 2
Carburettor type K-37
Fuel petrol with octane number 66 (A66–A70)
Fuel filter siffer (in the tank hole)
Air cleaner combined –  inertial and contact-oil
Electrical equipment
Ignition system battery ignition
Ignition coil ИГ-4085-Б
Breaker ПМ-05
Sparking plug НА 11/11 А-У
Ignition adjustment manual
Storage battery 3MT14
Continuous-current generator, 6 V, 45 W Г-11-A
Generator regulator PP-31
Horn C 35-A
Headlight ФГ-6
Clutch dry, two-disk; driving disks are covered on both sides with abrasion resistant material
Gearbox four-speed
Gear shifting foot pedal and hand lever
Oil amount in gearbox 0,8 l
Gear ratios in gearbox:

gear I 3,6
gear II 2,28
gear III 1,70
gear IV 1,30
Rear wheel transmission by cardan shaft
Gear ratio of main drive 4,62
Oil amount in main drive 0,175 l
Running gear
Frame two-part tubular
Rear wheel suspension spring shock absorbers
Front hork telescopic with spring-hydraulic shock-absorbers
Wheel interchangeable
Tyres 3,75–19 inch
Wheel tyre air pressure:

front 1,6–1,8 atm
rear 2,0–2,5 atm
sidecar 1,8–2,3 atm
spare 2,0–2,5 atm
Sidecar single seater