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Indicator Value Unit
Max base (distance between axes of front and rear wheels) 1500 mm
Min road clearance 150 mm
Overall length with sidecar 2430 mm
Overall height with sidecar 1050 mm
Overall width with sidecar 1620 mm
Max dry mass:

with sidecar 320 kg
without sidecar 210 kg
Max load (with driver and two passengers) 260 kg
Max speed 100 km/h
Max breaking distance at a travelling speed of 30 km/h 7,2 m
Max fuel consumption per 100 km of route 7,5 l
Max oil consumption per 100 km of route 0,15 l
Engine type four-stroke, carburettor, overhead valves, two-cylinder
Cylinder rated bore 78 mm
Piston rated stroke 68 mm
Compression ratio 6,8–7,1
Cylinder displacement 649 cm3
Max power by speed of rotation 5000–5200 r/min 32 hp
Max torque 4,7 kgfm
Lubricating system combined - forced lubrication and splash lubrication
Carburettor type K-301Б
Fuel automobile gasoline A-76 or A-72
Air cleaner combined –  inertial and contact-oil
Cooling air
Clutch dry, two-disk; driving disks are covered on both sides with abrasion resistant material. Clutch release linkage is double: hand linkage from lever on handlebars and foot linkage
Gearbox four-speed gearbox with reverse gear
Gear shifting foot pedal for engagement of four gears for forward running, hand lever - for engagement of gear for reverse running
Gear ratios in gearbox:

gear I 3,6
gear II 2,28
gear III 1,70
gear IV 1,30
reverse gear 3,67
Rear wheel transmission by cardan shaft
Gear ratio of main drive 4,62
Running gear
Frame tubular, welded
Rear wheel suspension wishbone suspension from double-acting spring-hydraulic shock-absorbers on both sides
Front fork telescopic with double-acting spring-hydraulic shock-absorbers
Wheel interchangeable, easily removable, with cast bodies and adjustable tapered roller bearings
Brake brake shoes on front and rear brakes
Tyres 95–484 (3,75–19) mm (inch)
Sidecar single seater, passenger-type body cushioned by rubber springs, wishbone suspension with double-acting spring-hydraulic shock-absorbers
Electrical equipment
Storage battery 3MT-12
Continuous-current generator 6 V, 65 W Г-414
Generator regulator PP-302
Ignition system battery ignition, 6 V, with manual or centrifugal regulator
Ignition coil Б2Б or Б201A
Breaker ПМ05 or ПМ302
Sparking plug А8У
Horn C37A
Speedometer СП102
Speedometer cable ГВ127
Brake signal switch ВК854
Turn indicator lamp switch П45 or П201
Headlight switch П25A
Turn indicator lamp relay PC419
Emergency oil pressure transmitter ММ106A
Pilot lamp ПД-20
Pilot lamp ПД20Г
Headlight ФГ116
Rear light ФП230
Sidecar rear light ФП231
Sidecar front light ПФ200
Turn indicator lamp УП223
Filling capacities
Fuel tank 21 l
Engine crankcase 2,20 l
Gearbox case 1,50 l
Main drive case 0,110 l
Front fork blade 0,135 l
Suspension shock-absorber 0,070 l
Adjustable suspension shock-absorber 0,105 l
Air filter body 0,175 l
Main adjustment and check data
Clearance between rocker and valve on cold engine (at 15–20°C) 0,07 mm
Breaker point gap 0,4–0,6 mm
Spark-plug gap 0,5–0,6 mm
Free travel of hand-brake 5–10 mm
Free travel of foot brake pedal 10–15 mm
Ignition angle before pistons top dead centre 32°–36°
Wheel tyre air pressure:

front and sidecar 0,15–0,16 (1,5–1,6) Mpa (kgf/cm2)  
rear 0,26–0,27 (2,6–2,7) Mpa (kgf/cm2)